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Their is a new Home Based Business program that has all of the best internet marketing and sales training and resources, and the many levels of support that you'll need, to succeed with your work at home online jobs.

What's so good about this new program is that they have combined together two successful network marketing programs into one newer and better one. They have updated alot of what they have had to offer and have added new features to the program as well.

You'll need all of the above to be successful in your Home Based Business. The new program is also much lower in cost than either of the two used to be, but it's also alot higher in value now. They were able to cut their new programs price by 50% compared to the previous prices.

They also let you join with a free account which does have some member features turned on for you in your back office. It's mostly designed to let you see all that you can get with an upgraded membership.

You can join this new Home Based Business training program at a ridiculously low price of $198 now while you still can.

You can't find that kind of low price anywhere to join a top work at home jobs program, that gives you a complete members only back office with a fully integrated autoresponder system, with 10 capture pages to choose from.

The AR system also sends out a full set of prewritten, or your own follow up emails to your websites visitors.

You also get a huge list of free and paid advertising resources, a full list of recorded archived webinar Online Business training classes, that you can watch and listen to at any time, and alot more.

You get daily webinar classroom; internet marketing and work from home training, from a qualified online business coach. They cover all topics and subjects throughout the week.

You also get a vast and diverse library of very high quality ebooks, mp3's, videos, and software. These are all for your own use. You can download and/or resell them all however you want to for 100% of the profit.

They also give you your own website store that's full of internet business ebooks, mp3's, videos, and software. You can promote this store any way you want and you get to keep 100% of the profits from these sales too.

If you resell this new and improved home based business program to new members you can do very well, because there is a very good compensation plan in place.

You get to keep most of the money when you sell the program to a new member. Some of the money is always passed up to your sponsor and to you from the members that you sign up also, because you are their sponsor.

This way their is an incentive for a sponsor to help all of the members that they sign up on a continuing basis. You can call or email them with any questions or for help with your home business.

One of the really cool features is that they have an online chat support page on your websites homepage. There is always someone there for a good part of the day to answer your websites visitors questions, and your questions too.

The people running the training room are the exact people you would want to be able to listen or talk to for help in succeeding with your home based business. And that's just what you can do as they go over every topic and subject needed for you to do that.

They also regularly have special guest speakers who will run the class for that day along with the internet marketing training coach.

You can just login to the webinar training room, sit back and listen on your computer speakers as they talk. You can take notes if you want to.

You can also click a link on the webinar control panel to record the classes audio and then save it as a file. You can get more involed in the converstation by typing in the message box and pressing send or by using your microphone.

They have a big screen running the whole time which displays webpages that they have prepared for the classroom, and if they want to they can surf the net as part of what they are talking about, and those webpages are all clearly displayed right on the right 2/3 of your computer screen.

They also can write all over the webpage being disaplayed, to circle things or make notes that you can read as they are working on that page, with the whole class listening and watching.

The other 1/3 of your screen will have a vertical display of all of the typing that they do as you ask or type in questions. It also shows what everyone is typing as the class moves along. It's all really cool you've got to try this out.

This new, improved, and updated home based business program is good for those who want to work from home online.

It is also very good for you to join this program, if you already have an internet business, to put you in the right direction, on how to market your websites in the best way.

Go take the tour of the new website and sign up for a free membership, which allows you to start using their amazing internet marketing system.

To get the full use of their high tech but easy to use business building system, you can easily upgrade with their new greatly reduced and low cost at anytime.

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